Syscal Pro
I would like to share sequences which I use for work with Syscal-pro. See How to use x2ipi with Syscal-Pro for some details.
Syscal Pro Switch 48 ( original and optimized sequences.

Syscal Pro Switch 96 - original and optimized sequences.

Syscal Pro Switch 72 ( >- original and optimized sequences in TXT format. See below the details of each sequence. Theу are prepared and sorted by x2ipiand optimized by OptiPro. The inter-electrode spacing is 5 meter. It could be changed in x2ipi on Electrodes sheet. See sequences sorting animation. The sequences are in Electre Pro SQZ format.
Dipole-dipole array, N quadripoles = 959 (after optimization - 1668), number of injection = 249. Original protocol -  seqDipDip72.txt. Optimized - p_DipDip.txt.
Dipole-dipole array
Dipole-dipole-M (roll-along, reciprocal), N quadripoles = 680 (after optimization - 1190), number of injection = 169.
Original protocol - seqDip72_M.txt, optimized - p_Dip_M.txt.
Dipole-dipole array, roll-along
Reciprocal Schlumberger array, N quadripoles = 925 (after optimization - 1606), number of injection = 243.
Original protocol - seqSchl72.txt, Optimized - p_Schl72.txt.
Schlumberger array

Schlumberger and Dipole-dipole arrays in one sequence file, N quadripoles = 1884 (after optimization - 3032), number of injection = 414. Original protocol - seqSchlDip72.txt.txt, optimized - pSchlDip72.txt.  
Schlumberger and dipole-dipole in one file
Pole-dipole array (AMN+MNB),  N quadripoles = 2494 (after optimization - 3344), number of injection = 457. Original protocol - seqPoleDipole72.txt, optimized - p_PoleDip.txt.  
Pole-dipole array
Pole-dipole array (AMN+MNB) -  roll-along,  N quadripoles = 1744 (after optimization - 2439), number of injection = 348. Original protocol - seqPoleDip_m.txt, optimized - p_pd72_M.txt .
Pole-dipole array roll-along

Syscal Pro Switch 96 sequences ( , 2.5 meter inter-electrode step
 Array Original array Optimized array 
Schlumberger reciprocal Schlumb96_SEQ.txtPro-Schl96.txt
Combined Schlumberger and dipole-dipole array Schlumb_dipole96_SEQ.txtP-sh_dd96.txt
Dipole-dipole array dd96_SEQ.txtPro-DD96.txt
Dipole-dipole array roll-along and reverse 
Forward and reverse pole-dipole array pd96_SEQ.txt  Pro_pd96.txt
Forward and reverse pole-dipole array  roll-along