История версий программы x2ipi

Version 5.22e (26.07.23)
1. Support ERISCH protocol format of Siber64k15/Siber48k12
2. New option for asymmetrical array presentation - divide asymmetrical array data in Schlumberger and Dipole-Dipole array

Version 5.22d (02.07.23)
1. Wide lines for profiling
1. IP decay with user time
2. Correct reading of CSV file with IP decay

Version 5.22c (10.02.23)
1. Update for cable segments manipulations

Version 5.22b (10.01.23)
1. Chart with geometric factor
2. CVS extention for Prosys TXT files
3. New location for INI file (it is important fow Window 10-11)

Version 5.21f (22.09.22)
1. X-coordinate correction for floating surway
Version 5.21e (12.07.22)
1. New interpolation option for dataset with mixed inter-electrode spacing

Version 5.21d (10.08.21)
1. IP decay curves in the table
2. Make control table from two files
3. Import STG files from SuperSting
4. New option for decay curves analysis
1. Export DAT to Geosoft IPdata

Version 5.20g (11.07.18)
1. Prepare data for res3dinv for trapezoidal grid                          
2. AB current as graph (Section window - Context menu (Right click) - Show current
1. Read d2d file updated (read incomplete data set)
2. Extract array for SEQ files

Version 5.20d (30.03.18)
1. Update the data input from AMP files (SAS4000, ABEM)
2. Support s2d file format (Siber 48)
3. Support d2d file format (Siber 48)
4. MN length variants for new sequence

Version 5.20 (27.03.18)
1. Support INP files from ZZ resistivity

Version 5.19 (15.01.18)
1. Mirror and shift profile
2. IP sounding curves
3. Mousewheel in Section window
4. Multi delete on Sounding tab
1. Take in account electrode number in TXT sequence file

Version 5.18 (18.12.16)
1. Read old format .SEQ files

Version 5.17 (18.12.16)
1. New sorting option

Version 5.16 (3.10.16)
1. New X coordinates option

Version 5.17 (18.12.16)
1. Presentation Prosys data (current, voltage etc) for TXT file with repeating data point

Version 5.13 (14.01.15)
1. New Remote electrode correction

Version 5.12 (15.09.14)
1. Show and edit sounding curves
2. Show and edit profiling curves

Version 5.11 (22.08.14)
1. Show section for Voltage, Misfit etc
2. Remove empty electrodes from SEQ file

Version 4.25 (12.02.14)
1. Read ERA-MULTIMAX data

Version 4.24 (23.10.13)
1. Read protocol for Terrameter in XLM format
1. Save in ORG file the set of arrays in one ORG file
2. Correct reading ORG file

Version 4.23 (18.10.13)
1. Protocol for ABEM 4x21
2. Read ABEM Terrameter TXT files

Version 4.20b (18.01.13)
1. More spacing for New Dipole-Dipole array
1. Correct work of Splitter Sections window

Version 4.18e (31.03.11)
1. New varian of data plotting for multiply gradient array.

Version 4.18a (21.01.10)
1. Corrected bug with "List out of bounds"

Version 4.18 (19.12.09)
1. Analyze of decay curves by the sum of two exponents
2. Levels for each pseudosection

Version 4.17 (8.12.09)
1. Show IP pseudo section for different time
2. Smoothing IP data for each time
3. Smoothing multiple gradient array IP time data

Version 4.16 (30.11.09)
1. IP data format of Res2din with many times
2. Show IP pseudo sections for selected time

Version 4.15f (02.10.09)
1. Variants reference point for pole-dipole array (corrected bugs)
2. Minimal and Maximal Ro
3. Split file with reapiting measurements
4. Average IP value for repeating measurements

Version 4.15e (27.05.09)
1. Sequences for folded cables
2. Sequences with odd/even current electrodes

Version 4.15a (21.07.08)
Support Remote Electrode correction for Pole-dipole array

Version 4.14a (14.07.08)
Support of GEOSOFT data format

Version 4.13a (04.06.08)
1. Support of gradient array
2. Change inter-electrode distance for data files

Version 4.10a (29.07.08)
Sequence for switcher COMx64

Version 4.9g (23.06.06)
Sorting quadripoles for Syscal-Pro, including reverse pole-dipole array

Version 4.9f (12.12.05)
1. Import INV file for the last Res2Dinv versions

Version 4.9f (22.10.05)
1. Post on peudosection with topograhy
2. Post without values
3. Variants reference point for pole-dipole array
4. Colors scale range for D-transformation
5. Input data format for Nord-West Ltd

Version 4.9e (27.07.05)
1. Pseudo-section with topography

Version 4.9b (14.02.05)
1. Editing decay curve for IP parameters

Version 4.9a (06.02.05)
1. Decay curve for IP parameters

Version 4.8h (14.01.05)
1. Chart with relief
2. Insert topography with linear or square interpolation
3. Edit comments line for export in Res2dInv format
1. Problem with copy Res2dInv result in Excel

1. New options for Res2Dinv output: Key for topography and units for IP