Download x2ipi and ipi2win

Software for electrical resistivity prospecting (VES and ERT, 2D resistivity imaging, induced polarization) 

Freeware versions 
The limitations of freeware version:
x2ipi72 - 3000 readings, 81 electrodes, no IP data;
x2ipi48 - 600 reading, 48 electrodes, IP data support 
Full version (Sign)  / 28-05-2022For Guardant Sign dongle ( MS Windows XP to Windows 11 ), all drivers are included
Full version (Stealth II) / 15-01-2018For Guardant Stealth II dongle (public code FS0K10T)
Full version (Stealth III) / 04-02-2019  For old Guardant Stealth III gongles
 ipi2win - freeware version (2016) 1D interpretation software of VES and VES-IP curves
(upto 15 VES curve in one profile)
  ipi2win (Sign dongle) version (2021)  1D interpretation software of VES and VES-IP curves
(upto 800 VES curve in one profile)
 Video tutorial for ipi2win Youtube play list by Alex Kaminski (different languages) 
 Manual for x2ipi /29-12-2017
 Antivurus softwareAll programs are protected from hacking and from viruses. This causes some anti-virus programs to consider these files as dangerous.
See full size image below. 
    Hardware key (dongle) software drivers and diagnostics
guardant.comGuardant dongles drivers page 
GrdDiag.exeDongle diagnostics
Sequences examples (Wenner-Schlumberger, Dipole-Dipole, Pole-dipole arrays)
 Syscal-Pro Switch 72[.txt] format, see details
 Syscal-Pro Switch 48[.txt] format, see details
 Terrameter LS (4x21)[.xml] format, see details
  Terrameter LS (2x21)  [.xml] and [.org] formats, see details

x2ipi is supported by IRIS Instruments

The results of for x2ipi72.exe